Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sitting by the dock of the bay...

...watching the tide roll away. Not wasting time, though. Just TAKING time.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but it has been pretty much same old, same old for me lately:

Recovery: All the thrills of watching paint dry...but longer
We met with the oncologist on Tuesday, May 1. (I hadn't seen him since December and my last chemotherapy was in how time flies).  

The very good news is that he does not see any need for any more chemo right now or maybe ever.

He said my surgeon felt he got all of the tumor in surgery in February (which we knew from meeting with him) and the pathology report did not evidence any trace of cancer. Of course, now that I'm mobile I'll start meeting with the oncologist on a regular basis (monthly at this point) and he will review his recommendation to hold off on additional chemo with the 'Tumor' Board' at the hospital.

BUT he was pretty firm that they'd bombarded me with about as much chemo as one could take in a lifetime, so with no apparent reason to do so now:...

...he isn't going to schedule any new chemo treatments.  Yay!

That was a major relief. I'm beginning to bond with my new, straighter hair.

Next up is an appointment with the surgeon on the 9th of May to check improvement with speaking and breathing and the monthly follow-up with the oncologist in June. 

In the meantime I was prescribed an appetite stimulant to help me put on some weight and I will continue to work on my breathing and try to strengthen those paralyzed vocal chords (which do have their moments both good and bad).

Enjoy Spring, wherever you are!!