Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to Bermuda...

As several of you know, Thom and I recently spent a week in Bermuda – it was a great get-away!

What none of you know is that on the way we stopped in Connecticut for a few days and shared a beach house with Thom’s sister Keri and her boyfriend Justin – We love time with them, but they were there primarily to join us at noon on Sunday, June 5 to witness a very short and simple ceremony where Thom and I were married in not so holy matrimony – This year marks several milestones for Thom and I, the most significant of which was being together 30 years on June 5.

We had hoped for a simple 'just the two of us and a Justice of the Peace' thing in California, but the Golden State is still dithering on the marriage act, so we opted for Connecticut instead – Please do not feel left out, we wanted it short, sweet and simple, but do join in the celebration of our wedded bliss (ugh) and we can do some toasting and cake when we are in NYC in August.

Cheers! Thom and Joe

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