Sunday, April 15, 2012

Expanding the story

I met with the doctor last narrative-changing news, but I probably should have posted a note a little earlier for those of you still following the story.

He was disappointed that the return of the diaphragm and shortness of breath have not progressed, but he WAS pleased that I am gaining strength.

Weight loss is a concern - chemo treatments will be delayed until I put on some weight.  After years of dieting and exercise, it's an odd switch to be concentrating on beefing up. In the meantime I will be meeting with the oncologist shortly to see what the next steps for chemo treatment will include.

Also had a very enjoyable visit this weekend with my Mom and sister (Rhoda and Rhonda) who visited here in San Francisco.  It was long over due and good for all of us -

Trying to get on track with the new 'normal.'  Since this is a daily slog, I'll keep the posting to a minimum. Don't see much "news" in the amount of protein shakes I'm trying to keep down.

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  1. Glad to get the update and hear that your strength is up. Got to hit the milkshakes and french fries!