Monday, June 11, 2012

The on-going cycle

I met with the Oncologist on June 5.  A net gain of 2 pounds (yay!) and a little more clarity on the pathology report following the surgery in February.

A new term was introduced - positive margins - which means that traces of cancer cells were found in the tissues used in the diagnosis of the pathology report.  The surgeon was able to remove 99+% of the tumor, but some cancer cells were left behind either trapped under healthy cells or mixed in with dead tumor cells and cells damaged by the radiation and chemo.

These margins could now be dead, might remain present, but harmless for years or they might act up and begin to grow.  We will be monitoring them around every three months with CT and occasional PET scans.

This drives the project manager in me nuts!  But, we will deal with it.  (I meet with the surgeon on Wednesday the 13th following our first post surgery CT scan and we will go from there.)

In the meantime breathing and the vocal chords continue to be issues, but I continue to get stronger and had a good week that allowed me to get around my chunk of the City with very few rest breaks!

That is good progress!


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  2. Positive margins...I know...annoying term that sounds like something an investment banker would use! Just keep doing what you're doing and let the docs take care of the margins. And FYI - I routinely dedicate my yoga practice to you. That way I can take breaths FOR you :)