Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reality Check

I met with my Oncologist on Wednesday - He tried to sugar coat the results of the radiation with a whoop that they were behind us, but the reality is they stopped radiation treatment as it was beginning to damage healthy heart and lung tissue. Our remaining assault against the tumor is now a more aggressive chemo regimen.

I knew this was coming, but it is still hard to get "excited" about. There will be 4 more chemo sessions spread three weeks apart and starting the week of October 17. They will be more aggressive with a new drug added to the mix - The drug that will make one nauseous, lose their hair and have a very low white blood cell count - 

Did I mention I am not excited yet? 

But, I will get my arms around this and will be excited - This is the regimen that will knock this tumor out as much as possible so that we can determine our next steps.

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  1. You do realize that bald is beautiful, right?