Wednesday, March 14, 2012

News from the homefront

First of all, it is so good to be home - Two weeks is a long time time to be hospital bound, especially when the doctors and nurses have done pretty much all they can do and you are all just waiting for your chest to stop draining. Second, thanks so much for the cards, notes, packages, food, calls, emails and texts both checking in on me and sending best wishes - they all mean a great deal to me!

The recovery progress is steady, but very slow - I know I am getting stronger as I am up and slowly about more easily and more often. Thompson has set the condo up efficiently with stations in the living room, bedroom and bathroom.  Luis set up a new wi-fi system so I can operate from anywhere in the condo and I am now able to use the microwave for meals.  I feel like a quasi-independent 99 year old!

My biggest challenges remain the shortness of breath, the stress on the vocal chords, clearing and opening up the deflated lung and diaphragm and the occasional rapid heat rate. I have some slight pain and stiffness in my right leg, but am stretching and walking that out daily. All in all, everything seems to be slowly getting better. "Recovery" does seem to make me tired, though, so sorry if I haven't been up to visits or extended phone calls.

Hopefully, this does not sound like whining, but I am just not used to the slowness of being "on the mend." I will see the doctor this week and get a measure of progress from his viewpoint.

Thanks for being there for us and we'll have another update after seeing the doctor later this week!

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