Saturday, March 3, 2012

Calm seas ahead

They haven't pulled the last tubes yet, so Joe's still in the hospital at the moment. But it's down to the last hurrah there...he should get out tomorrow (possibly even later tonight, who knows?)

We spiffed him up a bit. He was looking a little worse for the wear with a week's growth of beard. (To be honest, with the cap he was wearing, the hospital gown and the beard he looked a bit like the Gorton's Fisherman). Plus he was crusty.

But with a shave and a whole load of wet n' drys he's back to his handsome self. AND he's getting his sense of humor back.

Hopefully....or else I'm in trouble again. Can't tell ya how many people thought a few posts back that I'd uploaded an actual photo of Joe with his butt hanging out of his hospital gown. That was NOT Joe.

THIS is Joe:

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