Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I told you I'd update you today after my appointment, so even though today was a bust I thought I better write something to keep anyone from worrying.

One of the worst things about this whole experience has been the drawing of blood...or, more specifically, the sadistic torture inflicted in search of a vein. A CT specialist dug around for 10 minutes in the tiniest of veins trying to set up the IV for my CT scan.

I finally had to yell "Uncle" when the pain in the digging in the back of my hand became unbearable. (My veins have all either hardened from overuse or chemo or just gone into hiding - I am what they call a 'hard stick.')

When they brought another nurse in to do a little more digging someone from Admin came in to say one of the CT scan machines was out and we would have to reschedule. July 20 will be my next "big day" with 1) a cardiologist appointment, 2) a CT scan and 3) the rescheduled appointment with the surgeon. One guy should not be allowed to have so much fun.

It looks like I will be signing up for some physical therapy - a stationary bike sort of thing - which will be very good for me. If I'm going to be "running in place" for awhile, at least I should be getting some exercise.


  1. OK, "Bloodless" is a fantastic title for a TV series. I picture you starring as a creature that looks exactly like a human, but has veins made of steel tubing, instead of...well...whatever veins are normally made of. It will come on right after "True Blood" on HBO :)

    Ah cancer...much like on TV, the hits just keep on coming!!


  2. Hoping your veins are more accommodating next time...