Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It was a LOOONNNNGGGGG day for our Joe, but after 7 hours of surgery, he's out and sleeping peacefully in the ICU. The doctor came out, very tired himself and told us (us being Luis, Debbie and Tina) that he thinks he got the whole tumor, there weren't any unexpected complications and he didn't need to do any of the precautionary vein work that he'd told me and Joe about earlier (so Joe won't be needing turtlenecks afterall).

I'll explain that comment in a later post.

It's a huge relief and I know Joe REALLY appreciates how kind and concerned everyone has been. He really feels loved and has told me that time and again about everything you guys are doing, saying and emailing. And tomorrow, according to the doctor, he will feel VERY uncomfortable, so I'll remind him of all your well wishes and love and hope it helps him feel better. Poor little guy.

I'll keep you all posted.

One anecdote and then I'm off to bed. After he'd filled us in and answered our questions, the doctor asked to be reminded what Joe did for a living and I said Joe's a Project Manager. Debbie added that that meant Joe is very organized and I said, as an example, that Joe had written a stack of cards that I wasn't to look at, but needed to send out in the event that things didn't work out so "well" for him.

And the doctor said, "I wonder what he wrote in MY card?"

:)  More later! What a relief!!

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