Sunday, February 12, 2012

The flurry and the furry

This was a busy week. PHEW...I'm exhausted. Catching my breath is more of a hobby than a normal course of the day lately, figuratively and literally.

First, my PET scan came back showing that the tumor remains localized without any evidence of the cancer spreading anywhere else in my body.

With that behind me we proceeded to complete some pulmonary stress and cardio tests.  My EKG came back abnormal, ugghh, but I suppose with all the radiation, chemo and low blood counts I should not be surprised.

I have been assured that I should not worry and that the very reason this cardiologist is used by Dr. A is that she is very thorough and wants to make sure there are no surprises or issues we need to deal with pre-op. I have two more cardio tests on Monday the 13th and then after evaluation of all of the tests we finally should be able to set a date for surgery.

I had a little bit of rejuvenation this week, which Thompson found quite amusing. While I still do not have a single hair on my head, the hereditary Vargo rhinoceros hair (Grandma's side of the family actually) has returned to its prominent spot on the top of my nose - it felt good to see its return and even better to be able to pluck it!

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