Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cards and Messages

Emma and Hannah, the twin daughters of Joe's friend Ann in Phoenix, sent along "Get Well" wishes the other day and now seemed like a good time to thank the rest of you who've done the same with cards, emails and phone calls.

Joe's responding really well to treatment (hopefully all over but at least visually...he'll have another scan tomorrow). He looks like his old self again, just a little swelling that seems to jump around as opposed to the chest-and-higher swelling from before radiation.

He's been trying to eat healthy, but his reaction to bananas and protein shakes remind me what our NY friends Ann and Pete said the other day about getting their son Elvis to expand his food choices...once it's gotten ON the list of things he'll eat, "nothing gets to come OFF the list."

Just like Elvis, Joe will choke down something healthy and we try to hide the Boost in coffee. But it ain't coming off the list.

Thanks again for the good thoughts and support. You guys have been GREAT!! 

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