Thursday, August 25, 2011

RR Greetings from the UK

Joe forwarded a picture he took of his new bunk-mate:

Says Joe: "Ritchie Rich brought me greetings from Gina in the UK!"

A little background on that. When he was a LOT younger our friend Gina thought Joe looked like Ritchie Rich and she called him that when he'd whirl into town on an expense account. Depending on the humidity, she was kinda right:

Joe with humidity
Joe without humidity

Funny about time passing...Joe still looks like Joe to me after all these years, but of course my eyes are aging at the same speed as we are. While looking for "Ritchie Rich"ish photos of Joe, I came across one of the two of us at my first New York apartment.

What's funny about the picture is that it was taken 5 years after we met...and we both still looked impossibly young even then.

Makes for quite a jarring jolt when compared with the picture of the two old men at the wedding in Connecticut. Sheesh!

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