Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Rare, rare...

...rare, rare, rare" - Dr Hufford and I determined that if this cancer were a doctorial candidate's thesis, based on the non-existent body of work around it - that candidate would never graduate.

Today included a visit with my oncologist, Stephen Hufford, blood work, a CAT Scan and a radiation treatment - who says I do not have a full life! Hufford shared that as this is a rare cancer there is no real road map for treatment - So we are using radiation and chemo, then evaluate and repeat if and as necessary - he also stated that if I have not had a reaction to the first wave of chemo by now ( and I have had zero reaction) I should be fine for this first wave - Yeah! no nausea or hair loss (other than nature's own plan) (2nd chemo to be scheduled for sometime in the next 2 weeks) - results of the CAT scan will hopefully be available to share with me on Friday - Radiologist shared that cancer cells are being killed by the radiation, but it takes time for them to shed and purged from the body - Today marks 1/3 completion of planned radiation treatments - time flies when you're radiated.

In the meantime planning a Labor Day weekend get-away to Carmel to visit and catch up with friends down there.

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