Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hey gang, 

So this is what's going on. Joe has malignant thymoma (which I'm not googling 'cause I'm on the way to the airport and don't want to worry my way home). It's supposedly rare, especially since Joe doesn't have any immune system inhibiters like HIV. Leave it to Joe to get something "special." 

One thing I DO know is that it's supposed to be very treatable. He just had another CAT scan and he begins the chemo and radiation later this afternoon. 

He says thymoma means he'll need surgery at the end of the treatments so the poor guy won't be feeling very well for awhile.

But he's glad that he's starting treatment immediately and getting on with dealing with it.

He sounds good and should be able to leave the hospital Saturday or Sunday (when he went in on Monday he had no idea he'd still be there but we both think it's good that after finding out this morning he was able to immediately start treatment 'cause he was already there.) 

More later.

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