Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A not so funny thing happened on the way to New York . . .‏

Hello dear friends -
Sorry to make this a mass email, but while Thompson will still be making the trip to New York for the gift Show and awards dinner I am not going to be able to join him this trip.
Strange how life is always full of ups and downs - Our wedding in June was certainly an up and all continues to be great with Thompson and me, but I have recently received some health news that we want to share with you. 
After a few months of not feeling quite myself I had a complete physical - The good news is I am for the most part in really good health with a strong heart and good vitals - the not so good news is that I have been diagnosed with a mass in my chest.  So far all of the doctors say it is treatable with a very good prognosis, but we are still in the process of tests and scans and they are draining me of every drop of blood I have ever had.  We hope to know what type of cancer it is by sometime next week and then it looks like we immediately jump on the treatment train.
I really am feeling okay other than some swelling and shortness of breath and the doctors feel we are on top of this and should have it behind us soon. Good wishes of course are welcomed.
Sorry I will miss everyone this trip, but I will get back there as soon as we have this under control.
All my love to you, my extended family.

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