Thursday, September 8, 2011

Joe, the human pincushion

Well, IF they can ever find a vein to draw blood from, Joe should be able to get his dang lung drained and then go home. Poor guy has been poked with needles over and over, but because of the swelling in his arms and hands they can't locate a vein. And actually they don't need the blood for blood's sake, they just need to check coagulation Joe says. He also says ya'd think they'd notice how quickly the blood coagulates from all the missed-vein holes, but....

Still, he's not complaining, just ready to go home. He got good news about last week's scan, the tumor is down about a third, which is GREAT. It's still big, but at least we know that it's reacting to the chemo and radiation.

More later.

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