Friday, September 2, 2011

A little set-back

First off, Joe's feeling fine and the news isn't drastic, but he did have to go back into the hospital today. He woke up not feeling well and with a fever and when his visiting nurse came to change his bandages, etc. she recommended that he go to the hospital, which he did.

They gave him antibiotics and his fever went down, but they decided to keep him overnight. When his surgeon came in to check on him he told us that these kind of things happen with chemo 'cause the white blood cells drop.

He mentioned to Joe that he was looking good (the doctor hadn't seen Joe without facial swelling). He said, "I can even see wrinkles now."

Thanks doc.

The interns (who all look about 12) were excited about getting to see the draining (Joe was supposed to get that this morning but went to the hospital before that could happen). Besides, they wanted to drain his lung and check for infection in the fluid. Much to their disappoint and the doctor's surprise, when the he took the bandage off Joe's chest catheter they could immediately tell that it was the catheter incision that was infected.

So wham, bam he pulled the tube out. Anyway, Joe's actually feeling more comfortable without the catheter and hopes they don't put another back in...then he won't have to have the visiting nurse.

He's fed and on a drip and hopefully he'll be able to come home on Saturday or Sunday. The blessing in disguise about all this is that he was feeling really good so he was going to go down to my house today to get away for the long weekend. And if all this had happened down there, his insurance wouldn't have covered all the expenses at my local hospital. So we've learned a lesson about all this. When they told him they didn't want him to travel, this is why.

More later.

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