Saturday, September 3, 2011

Update re: hospital

Joe's feeling good, his white cells are up to safe levels, the fever is gone and they're treating the infection. Probably not going to get to go home today, but fingers crossed for tomorrow. He's also hoping they don't put the chest catheter back in and if he still needs draining, just let him get the needle version once or twice a week. He has to be at the hospital for radiation anyway.

He has NYT crosswords and Harry Potter (he wants to reread them all for some reason) so he should be good for now (bored, but good).

More later.

4:30 p.m.

He's looking very good, quite handsome actually. Especially now that they let him take off the oxygen nose tube. Those things don't really make the most of your features.

Debbie, Tina and Doug came by for a usual, laughter ensued. He might not have been able to make the Labor Day BBQ we planned, but at least there was a party in Pacific Heights. Without Joe's usual satorial, those hospital gowns are ugly.

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