Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And now we exhale

Had my CAT scan today and afterwards met with the surgeon - He is normally pretty dour and a straight shooter, but today he was almost giddy - surgery is on, following a PET Scan next week and then scheduling of the procedure - feeling good - details to follow!

An incredible day, fantastic, happy result...which is weird to say when a risky, major surgery is the next step. But we were all so scared that he wouldn't get that step. So scary for Joe and so hard to try to act normal for all of us, I know. Debbie and I went for the scan and the consultation and for a minute when Joe was out of the room we both looked at each other and acknowledged how scared we were. Her palms were sweaty, my hands were tingling and burning like they were on fire.

Will fill you in on the rest later. I think we both just want to collapse. This isn't about me, I know, but I was SO worried that this was all happening on my birthday. It felt like it was all some mean cosmic joke.

Best birthday EVER!!!!


  1. This is truly the best news we have had in a long time....It proves how incredibley strong and blessed our J Alexander Vargo actually is. Now onto the surgery, mending and good health again.